The retail tapes from the tape experts
We at Sanoj provides a comprehensive range of adhesive tape products for the retail market. We live with tapes all days long, therefore after 12 years we know what we are doing. We belive in quality, our employees and to have an outstanding customer service. We really do.
  • Mini-rolls
  • Masking tape
    Masking tape
  • Mounting tape
    Mounting tape
  • Duct & cloth tape
    Duct & cloth tape
  • Insulating- & wire tape
    Insulating- & wire tape
  • Safety- & warning tape
    Safety- & warning tape
  • Packaging tape
    Packaging tape
  • Stationary tape
    Stationary tape

Interesting to see what’s going on? Here we will post news and information regarding our world of tapes. We will post tips and guidelines regarding the use of adhesive tapes and if you have some photos or videos of tapes or applications please send them to
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