About Sanoj Tape

The retail series from the tape experts.

Sanoj Tape provides a comprehensive range of tape products for the retail market. In close collaboration with our partners, we have carefully selected and developed a range of top class tapes we know are in demand by users all over the world. Our shop-in-shop concept has been developed to suit most types of retailers. Thanks to attractive, informative packaging, your customers can easily find the tape they need.

Our concept features products of the highest quality intended for practically any application, including mounting tape, duct tape, durable double sided tape, masking tape and anti-slip tape. At Sanoj Tape, we have 12 years’ experience working with tapes and adhesives. We put a premium on quick service and the excellent quality of our products. Naturally, as a retailer, you know your customers and their individual needs best.

We provide an attractive, appealing range of tape products for your customers, whether they are craftsmen, workshop owners, do it yourself (DIY) enthusiasts or other users of tape.

Welcome to the new, modern range of tape from Sanoj.