Acrylic foam tape


Acrylic foam tape is primarily intended for the automotive industry. An extremely durable double-sided tape. Weather and UV tolerant. In some cases replaces rivets, screws and other mechanical fittings. Perfect
for assembling surfaces including glass, wood, some plastics, metal. Clean the surfaces before applying. Press firmly in place.Maximum adhesion achieved after 72 hours.Do not apply at below +10C.Always check that the tape is properly fixed before subjecting the tape to loading.

Adhesive: Acrylic | Temperature: +100°C | Thickness: 1,00 mm | Carrier/backing: Acrylic core
Art. nr Product Color Packaging Rolls/cart EAN
3100 Acrylic foam tape transparent 6mm x 10m Transparent Side label 36 7350092580472
3101 Acrylic foam tape transparent 9mm x 10m Transparent Side label 30 7350092580489
3102 Acrylic foam tape transparent12mm x 10m Transparent Side label 24 7350092580496
3103 Acrylic foam tape transparent 19mm x 10m Transparent Side label 20 7350092580502
3104 Acrylic foam tape transparent 25mm x 10m Transparent Side label 20 7350092580519